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Al Citron        
Alabama Gal        
All 'Round the Brickyard        
All Around the Maypole        
All Around the Race-Track        
All God's Children Got Wings        
All Hid?        
Angels Are Watching Over Me, The        
Another Man Done Gone        
As I Came Over Yonders Hill        
Aserrin, Aserran        
Awake, My Soul        
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep        
Babe of Bethlehem, The        
Baby Born Today        
Battle on Shiloh's Hill, The        
Beautiful Is Our Lodge        
Beauty Bride, The        
Bell Cow, The        
Biddy, Biddy        
Big Sheep, The        
Bird Song, The        
Black Jack Davy        
Black is the Color        
Blessings of Mary, The        
Blow the Man Down        
Bluebird Through My Window        
Bought Me A Cat #2        
Bought Me a Cat #1        
Brick Yard        
Buckeye Jim        
By'm By        
Bye, Bye Baby        
Call Me Hangin' Johnny        
Can't You Line It?        
Cape Cod Chantey        
Cedar Swamp        
Charcoal Man        
Charlie Over the Ocean        
Cherry Tree Carol, The        
Chickens They Are Crowing, The        
Child of God        
Children, Go Where I Send Thee        
Chippewa Lullaby        
Choctaw Raccoon Game Song        
Christ Was Born in Bethlehem        
Circle Round the Zero        
Closet Key, The        
Coasts of High Barbary, The        
Comanche/Otoe Hand Game Song        
Come All Ye Pretty Maids        
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies        
Come By Here        
Come Life, Shaker Life        
Come On, Boys, and Let's Go to Huntin'        
Come and I Will Sing You        
Come, Let Us All Go Down        
Community Ring Dance        
Cotton-Eyed Joe        
Courting Song        
Crabe dans Calalou        
Crow Dance        
Crow-fish Man, The        
Cuckoo, The #1        
Daddy Shot a Bear        
Daemon Lover, The        
Dakota Love Song        
Dance to Your Daddy        
Daughter, Will You Marry        
Deaf Woman's Courtship, The        
Dear Companion, The        
Deep River        
Devil's Nine Questions, The        
Did You Ever See a Lassie        
Did You Go to the Barnie?        
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel        
Do Let Me Out        
Do, Do, Pity My Case        
Dog Tick        
Dog and Cat        
Doggie, Doggie        
Dors, Dors, 'Tit Bebe        
Dos y Dos Son Cuatro        
Down Came a Lady        
Down in Yon Forest        
Down in the Valley #1        
Down in the Valley #2        
Dunlap's Creek        
Dutch Lullaby        
Elfin Knight, The        
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel        
Fare Thee Well, O Honey        
Fare Ye Well, My Darling        
Farewell to the Warriors        
Father Grumble        
Fire Down Below        
Floating Down the River        
Follow the Drinkin' Gourd        
Foreign Lander        
Four White Horses        
Fox Chase        
Frog's Courtship, The        
Froggie in the Meadow        
Frosty Weather        
Glory to the Mountain        
Go Round the Border, Susie        
Go Tell Aunt Nancy        
Go Tell Aunt Rhodie        
Go Tell it on the Mountain        
Go to Sleep        
Go to Sleep, Little Baby        
Go to Sleepy #1        
Go to Sleepy #2        
Goin to Boston        
Golden Ring Around the Susan Girl        
Golden Willow Tree, The        
Good-bye, Brother        
Gospel Train #1, The        
Gospel Train #2, The        
Gray Goose, The        
Great Big House in New Orleans        
Green Gravel        
Green Gravels        
Green Grows the Willow Tree        
Greenland Fishery, The        
Gwan Roun', Rabbit        
Gypsy Davy        
Habia una Vez        
Halsey, Halsey        
Handsome Molly        
Haul Away, Joe        
He's Gone Away for to Stay a Little While        
Hebrew Children        
Henry Martin        
Here Goes the Red Bird        
Here We Go to Baltimore        
Hey Betty Martin        
Hickety, Tickety, Bumblebee        
High Barbaree        
Hold the Wind        
Hoosen Johnny        
Hop Old Squirrel        
How Many Miles to Babylon?        
Hunt the Cows        
Hunt the Slipper        
Hunting Song        
Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry        
Hush, My Babe        
I Am Standing in the Shoes of John        
I Got a Letter        
I Have a Mother Gone to Glory        
I Heard from Heaven Today        
I Know Where I'm Going        
I Lost My Mistress' Dairy Key        
I Must and I Will Get Married        
I Will Give My Love an Apple        
I'm Goin' Home on a Cloud        
Ida Red        
If I Had a Ribbon Bow        
Jackfish, The        
Jesus the Christ is Born        
Jim Along Jo        
John Henry #1        
John Kanaka        
Johnny Come a Long Time        
Jolly Miller, The        
Jolly Raftsman O, The        
Jolly is the Miller        
Jump Jim Joe        
Just from the Kitchen        
Kansas Boys        
Kitty Alone        
Kitty Kitty Casket        
La Puerta Esta Quebrada        
Lady's in the Dining Room        
Lazy Mary        
Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her        
Light My Way to Bed        
Lining Track        
Little Bird, Go Through My Window        
Lolly Too-Dum        
London Bridge is Burning Down        
Lonesome Valley        
Lord Randal        
Lost John        
Love Somebody        
Mama Buy Me a Chiney Doll        
Many Thousand Gone        
Maria's Gone        
Marina Girls        
Mary Had a Baby        
Mary Was a Redbird        
Mary and the Baby        
Mata Rile        
Michael Row the Boat Ashore        
Mince Pie or a Pudding, A        
Miss Mary Jane        
Miss Sue from Alabama        
Mister Rabbit        
Mockingbird #1, The        
Mockingbird #2, The        
Mockingbird #3, The        
Mohave Bird-Dance Song        
Most Done Ling'rin' Here        
My Little Rooster        
My Lord, What a Mourning        
My Old Hen        
My Owlet        
Ninas Hermosas        
Nobody Knows the Trouble I See, Lord!        
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen        
Now Let Me Fly        
O Belinda!        
O Mary, Where Is Your Baby?        
Oh, Blue!        
Oh, Fly Around        
Oh, John the Rabbit        
Oh, Johnny        
Oh, She's Gone, Gone, Gone        
Ohio River, She's So Deep and Wide        
Old Bald Eagle        
Old Bangum        
Old Betty Larkin        
Old Dan Tucker        
Old Doc Jones        
Old Kimball        
Old Lady Sittin' in the Dining Room        
Old Sow, The        
Old Woman and the Pig, The        
On the Banks of the Old Tennessee        
Outshine the Sun        
Over in the Meadow        
Owl Sings, The        
Paiute Legend Song        
Paiute Lullaby        
Peacock Song        
Phoebe in her Petticoat        
Plainsies, Clapsies        
Poor Lil Jesus        
Poor Rosy        
Promised Land, The        
Rain, Rain        
Ring Around the Border        
Ring Around the Rosy        
Ring, Ring the Big Bell        
Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow        
Rock Chariot        
Roll, Jordan, Roll        
Round and Round        
Roxie Anne        
Sailing on the Ocean        
Sailor, Sailor on the Sea        
Sally Go 'Round the Sunshine        
Sally Go Round the Moon        
Sally Go Round the Sun        
Santy Anno #2        
Sea Lion Woman        
Shady Grove        
Shallow Brown        
Shoo Roun'        
Shoo Turkey        
Shortnin' Bread        
Simple Gifts        
Single Girl        
Skin and Bones        
Skip to My Lou        
Skip to the Barbershop        
Sleep, Little Daughter        
Sleep, My Baby, Sleep        
Soldier Boy for Me        
Some Love Coffee        
Song for Grinding Acorns        
Song of the Deer Dancing        
Song of the Snowflakes        
Sourwood Mountain        
Sourwood Mountain #2        
Squirrel, The        
Star in the East        
Steal Away        
Steal Liza Jane        
Sunny Bank        
Swapping Song, The        
Teddy Bear        
Tewa Entrance Song        
There Sets the Sally in the Chair        
There's a Big Ship Sailing        
This Little Light of Mine        
This Train        
Three Little Pigs        
Tip Around My Bed Right Easy        
Titanic, The        
Train Is off the Track, The        
Train is a-Coming        
Two Little Johnnies        
Virgin Mary, Meek and Mild        
Wade in the Water        
Walking up the Green Grass        
Way Bye and Bye        
We are Dancing in the Forest        
We're Goin' 'Round the Mountain        
We're Marchin' 'Round the Levee        
Wedding Dress Song        
Weevily Wheat #2        
Welcome, Every Guest        
What Will I Do with the Baby-o?        
When Adam Was Created        
When the Train Comes Along #1        
When the Train Comes Along #2        
Who Built the Ark?        
Who Killed Cock Robin?        
Wind Blow the China Right Down in Town, The        
Wind Up the Apple Tree        
Won't You Let the Birdie Out?        
Wring My Hands and Cry        
You Turn, I Turn        
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